Sunday, December 4, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame? Well, Pete Rose can’t, but he will let you have a piece of his baseball history!

The legendary Cincinnati Reds switch hitter Pete Rose signed autographs in Antiquities at the end of November. But don’t worry if you missed him, he’ll be making signing appearances throughout 2012. After seven years of signing at the sports memorabilia store, Field of Dreams, Rose has found a new home with Antiquities International.

“We are so happy to have Mr. Rose at Antiquities. He truly is a legend and our many baseball fans will love to meet him. Plus, his banishment document really is a piece of sports and American history. Mr. Rose is the kind of celebrity Antiquities love – an amazing with career with a touch of intrigue,” said Antiquities owner, Toby Stoffa. Antiquities has been in business for over 27 years and has obtained many exclusive and historical sports pieces.

Want something now? You can also purchase a piece of signed Pete Rose memorabilia - a copper and leather signed copy of the agreement which banished him from baseball in 1989. This amazing piece of baseball history even includes his famous inscription, “I’m sorry I bet on baseball,” referring to allegation of Rose gambling on games, including his own while he played for and managed the Reds.

The document has been notarized to ensure authenticity and is signed by Rose, the then commissioner of baseball, Bart Giamatti, the deputy commissioner Fay Vincent and Super Agent, Rubin Katz. This is the first time copies of the official document have been sold and they are available at Antiquities or on Rose’s website

More than just a scandal-maker, the infamous Rose is best known for his amazing MLB career including winning three World Series rings, an MVP award, two Gold Gloves, Rookie of the Year, was an All-Star 17 times in five different positions and three batting titles. Not to mention his impressive stats leading in hits, games played, at-bats and outs.

Want a copy of Rose’s banishment document or to find out about upcoming appearances? Call Antiquities at (702) 792-2274.

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